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The pics above are actual scammers & terrorists. Many scammer organizations finance terrorist groups and activities. The pics below are used by them to fool you. If you think you may be talking to a scammer, stop immediately and ignore any correspondence from them. They may try to threaten and intimidate you but just ignore them and they will go away when they realize they are not getting your money.


If you find your pictures on this site, please CONTACT us and we will remove them if you would like and also provide you with any information we have about where they are being used.





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Leeo J Tagged: Goodday sexy baby how re u doing love
Leeo J Tagged: Hey sexy
PigBuster: hey there
Leeo J Tagged: how re u doing ??
Leeo J Tagged: how re u ?
Leeo J Tagged: re u busy to chat ??
PigBuster: I am doing great, how are you
Leeo J Tagged: am cool
Leeo J Tagged: let me know abt u
Leeo J Tagged: am leeo 45 yrs old
PigBuster: I am not too busy, just looking for investments online
Leeo J Tagged: single
Leeo J Tagged: how
PigBuster: I am doing searches
PigBuster: but all that comes up is real estate and I don't want to do that anymore
PigBuster: and I don't trust the banks right now
Leeo J Tagged: am interested
Leeo J Tagged: give me yr phone number
PigBuster: I don't give out my number until I get to know someone
Leeo J Tagged: do u have webcam
PigBuster: no
PigBuster: I have not bought one yet
Leeo J Tagged: how u want to me to believe am talking to wrong someon e
PigBuster: what do you mean?
Leeo J Tagged: how much
PigBuster: do you mean how do you know I am who I say I am
PigBuster: Sorry, I didn't realize I didn't have my picture on here
Leeo J Tagged: house investments is better than any investments
Leeo J Tagged: am civil Engineer
PigBuster: what are house investments?
PigBuster: I don't trust real estate right now
PigBuster: I just sold all of mine
Leeo J Tagged: i love to know you better b4 i can tell you much thing
PigBuster: ok
Leeo J Tagged: but u have one on tagged
Leeo J Tagged: ok
Leeo J Tagged: that is true
Leeo J Tagged: but i build houses and sold it
PigBuster: You build houses and sell them?
Leeo J Tagged: if u can invest yr money u will never regret
PigBuster: does it have a good profit?
Leeo J Tagged: i build and sell
Leeo J Tagged: yea
Leeo J Tagged: i have one project with am doing in England rigth now
Leeo J Tagged: ok
PigBuster: What project is that?
Leeo J Tagged: ok
Leeo J Tagged: is rigth in England
Leeo J Tagged: re married ??
PigBuster: no
PigBuster: Haven't even dated yet
Leeo J Tagged: re u married
PigBuster: no. I am a widow of 4 years
Leeo J Tagged: this is not a 1 house project
PigBuster: really?
PigBuster: how many houses is it?
Leeo J Tagged: am building about 450 houses
PigBuster: wow!
Leeo J Tagged: yea
Leeo J Tagged: i have get but from there
Leeo J Tagged: i sell in pounds
Leeo J Tagged: not $
PigBuster: how much in pounds?
Leeo J Tagged: the fund would be approximately about 300.000,00 pounds
PigBuster: wow! that must have a really good return
Leeo J Tagged: for one house
Leeo J Tagged: yea
Leeo J Tagged: i have loan company that loan me money
Leeo J Tagged: that is my issuse problem come from
Leeo J Tagged: they want return of 2 time of the money they loan me
Leeo J Tagged: Hello
PigBuster: I am here
Leeo J Tagged: do still want to know abt the project or not
PigBuster: yes



Leeo J Tagged: if u really serious give yr contact details first
PigBuster: sorry, I don't give scammers my info
PigBuster: you tried to scam me before and don't even remember
Leeo J Tagged: ok
Leeo J Tagged: bye
Leeo J Tagged: lol
Leeo J Tagged: funny
Leeo J Tagged: who is a scammer
PigBuster: you are
PigBuster: Now you are listed on my web site so everyone will know you are a scammer
Leeo J Tagged: How do u mean
Leeo J Tagged: am new on this site
PigBuster: I have a web site warning people about scammers like you
Leeo J Tagged: am not a scammer
Leeo J Tagged: plz dont call me that again
PigBuster: why, you are a scammer
PigBuster: you steal money from people
Leeo J Tagged: how do u mean
Leeo J Tagged: i dont
PigBuster: you know what I mean
Leeo J Tagged: i dont steal any from any one
Leeo J Tagged: do i ask for money
PigBuster: scammer!
Leeo J Tagged: i dont ask you for money
Leeo J Tagged: f*c* u
Leeo J Tagged: bye
PigBuster: bye scammer
PigBuster: you use a pic on your profile I have seen in advertisements
PigBuster: just like scammers do
Leeo J Tagged: f*c* you fool


Scammer logged off




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