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The following emails are similar to the emails sent by scammers. The purpose of this page is to show up on the search engines when checking an email address and to show  examples of the types of "form" emails that scammers use.



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Alittle About my life and what I'm looking forI think of myself as an easy going guy who believes life has its ups and downs. I also believe life is too short to spend time compilcating things. They usually get that way all by themselves. I like to enjoy life in work and out of work, generally spend more of it working. Its not the place that dictates the mood its the company and one thing is for sure, all things are more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with. I am not expecting to rush into a relationship. All things happen with time.I am looking for a woman that has similar beliefs and knows what she wants. She's honest, affectionate, and doesn't mind PDA's. Respects herself and others,what about yours too?i will love if you can tell me alittle about what you are looking for on MAN,I am currently working on my own cos i had to try something else after i lost almost all i had to my last relationship..ialso write poems in my spare time distance means noting in relationship but the true Love is The most important things..if i find the right WOMAN..i dont mind relocating... i have relocated before when i was in love..i dont mind during it again as long as i find the right woman..i am a very honest and truthful man..i hate lies and deceit..i want real love..i am getting too old to play games..i am a very busy independent...i got a few question for long have u been on this site?you got kids?ever married?what do u do for aliving?what do u do for fun?what are your favorite dishes...?? what interest you in my profile???you so free to email me and here is My EMAIL address  okay ....



Hello Angel Hey Pretty..I'm kelly am 53 years 6"1 tall with brown eyes and dark brown hair ....Seeking for a very nice beautiful woman like you and honest,distance is not the problem for me i just need the real woman that will show me love i can move to anywhere to find my real lover,I am a kind man with a good heart. I am honest, dependable,loving, gentle, affectionate and have good friendship. I feel that a WOMAN is GOD's undeserved gift to MAN and she is supposed to be loved, reverenced, protected, respected, and cherished,Kindly contact me on yahoo IM i wiil be online could chat and see where this would lead us.kelly i would like someone that will love and respect me for who I am, that likes to hold my hand and surprize me with a little kiss when I le I least expect it,or give me a wink from across the room to let me know she's thinking about me or give me a call just to let me know she's thinking about me... Because I will be doing the ..same. my.. yahoo id smithwilliams31i wiilbe online wating 4 u



Hi Cutie, i Just came across your profile when i suddenly got stunned by ur pic ,so i said to myself that i will be doing a very big and huge mistake if i do not complement u and you look very cute,First of all,My name is Macus,I am from New York Brooklyn,i am 38 of age . am new online am single and looking for the special someone out there ready to have a serious relationship with a serious and ready man. am not out for games am out to find that nice woman....i am a man that is in need of real and perfect love. i will love to chat with u someday if u don't mine my yahoo id is ... am online right now if u care to chat .Plz do have a lovely day...Macus



Hey!, Writing to someone you have never met before I think is extremely difficult. Take this e-mail for instance, I had all the words in my head but could not seem to put a coherent sentence together, was going to start with Hello ,hi, there ... or hey how are you today?? ... but it just seemed too bland so I went with Hey! Anyway I will get to the pulse of it all. I saw your profile too thought to reply to your ad. Well, I am victor by name, I'm a single Man . I am educated, I am an easy going sort of Man, I enjoy reading, listening to live music, often go down to the jazz cafe-null soul jazz, also enjoy going to the theaters when there is anything good showing and I play amateur golf. In all modesty, I am different to most men who probably respond postings. Well, that's all for now, I hope I have been able to captivate your curiosity to have get a reply back from you ( Victor .



My Name is james Brown,am 55yrs with One kid Call David Who Live With her Grand-Ma in Uk,Am divorce for 10Yrs Now and am Looking for A woman to share My Life With.Am a Businessman who Owns Two Retail Shops In Two Countries.Am Originally From Uk,But i was Born and Raised In New York,Am a Happy Person and Also Like to Go Out With friends and At times go out for walk. Well Now What am Looking for is a woman who will Be My Partner And Share Things Together,am Looking for a woman who is caring,Understanding,Honest,Faithful,Truthful, Passion and Sexy too. Well i know Distance is Important,But The Most Important Thing in a Relationship is Love Care,Understanding,Faithful and Truthful Will Keep Any Relationship Strong, i First Set My Eyes On Your Profile and WOW,Its The Best Among All i have Seen Here.You are Pretty and Also Have an Angelic Face too,Will You Can add me On( If Only You are Interested Pretty Woman


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Hey Sweetie, How's ur weekend?, u've got a nice profile, i will like to know more about u so we can build something reasonable that will leads to a sweet experience and marvelous relationship with each other, u can add me to your yahoo chat list: , so we can get acquainted more better, remain blessed till i hear from u. Douglas.



Hello thanks for the reply, i really appreciate it. I've attached my picture on there and i just want to send it to your email as requested. Hope to reading from you soon. Elijah



Hi. How are you doing?i"m James by name I was glancing through profiles when your gorgeous picture got me attracted while your lovely words had me write really was marvelled reading your profile and i enjoyed doing so.The first thing that came to my mind when i saw your picture was..''re drop dead I will be Happy if Both of us can have to Time to introduce eachother... here is my yahoo ID... If u have like to Chat with me i"m online for now , Hope to hear back from you soon. Take care james


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Hey Sweety, How are you doing?Well i am kelvin Welliams by name and i am from Uk but now in USA for some reason.....well i am single and searching,I saw your picture you look so beautifull so i decided to know you beter if you dont mind........Write Back



Hello, Am Robert By Name...i...Thanks for the Email , You seem like a very Wonderful woman and would love to meet you... here is my yahoo id so we can chat and know more about eachother...reeds0101..i will be there waiting for yo online okay..


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Dear Friend, Compliments of the season to you there. I am glad to see your contact .I must say that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in this world. I hope you will not turn my friendship offer down. My name is Johnkennedy Ekwueme. I am 37yrs old Nigeria but resides in Benin Republic. I love sports,reading,travelling,making friends,going to cinema and theatre. I am also very humble and reliable person.I do not believe in age as it is only but a number. I like taking my friends the way they are no matter where they come from.I will like to read from you soonest so that I can tell you more about me. Feel free to ask me any question at all. mail me via my email address: I await your urgent response With love Johnkennedy



Hello, I am Rowland Kingsley,I..m from US,Denver CO, and i am a new man to this dating site,I am a traveler, travels with my job sometimes, but right now am presently in Western Africa , I am an construction distributors , i have 11 workers that do work for me,Am self employed , and i am looking for the woman who is understandable, and i know she will never regret she have me as is man of her life, and i am a widower i have a boy called Ann, he is 10 years old. My wife passed away 3 years ago, I have went through your sweet profile and i like everything about all what it says,i have now decided to email you right away. I think we could talk ..more. at.. first i thought its more stupidity trying to find a relationship on the internet,But when my friend actually got married to an angel on the internet, i believed there is more to this whole internet love affair.i am really praying hard so it will work out good for me too.i have tried two visible relationships around me and i realized it'was a mess up. i pick up interest in you while i read through your profile,but can i really count on it?i am looking for faithful,caring,affectionate,humble,honest,decent and intelligent woman,you are a charming woman,because i will like to be with the one i love, but i must tell you that i like everything about you and i will like to spend the rest of my life with you,but i believe love is not about finding the right person but building a good relationship together,so why can't you just please give me a place in your heart,this are my hobbies,i love playing soccer,swimming and writing poems,so angel i will like to know you much better and here is my yahoo Contact ID, kingslito4rolland. and you can also email me to, , so we could just get to talk or through emailing each other. I am interested in getting to know you more better and ready to relocate for the right woman then you need to add me on your yahoo instant buddy list so i could share some of my pictures with you on the instant buddy list.i am a fun outgoing person. i like to meet new people and try new things. I've been in a couple of long relationships and now i just want to enjoy being with someone am tired of being lonely.. i want someone i can spend time with and have fun but who is looking for something serious right now...If your also interested in getting to know more about me , then you can just Add me directly to your yahoo instant buddy list.I am looking for someone to share my life with. Someone who is caring, loving, and likes to have a good time without having to have drugs or alcohol involved. Someone who can laugh at herself as well as at me. I am not perfect, nor do I wish to be. I love children and love to spend time with my family, If any of this sounds interesting to you. Rowland Kingsley


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hello how are you over there am Terry by name am from usa am 50 years old.. am a building brides in usa i have one daughter also have divorce about 5years ago and i klive a lone in my house daughter is 10 years old Girl she like playing and reading and some fun ...have been looking for alove to find but there is not true love here but one of my friend that intrduce me to this site [] but am checking through my computer when i saw your profile that is why i said i should contact you to send you a mail and you are the first person i conatact here and that will be very greatfull to here from u soon and i wish you should reply me back you can contact me on [] or [] thanks from Terry...


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Its a real pleasure sending you an email. Hello Beauty, I must say,I'm astonished by ur unbeaten beauty,You're so beautiful that everyman would want to hold hands with you someday. Looking into your eyes alone, shows me a beautiful world.And i guess I'll a be the luckiest man getting to talk to you. If i were to present your picture in heaven, most of the Angels would hide their faces in shame. i just checked ur profile and i found it very interesting cuss In short words i would say I'm very interested in knowing you better,as much ,i would love u to know me better as well.I'm mark by name,I'm am divorce with a son, 6' ft tall,I'm a good person at least people say i am.I enjoy the company of loved ones. I would like a partner who is Intelligent, self-confident, romantic, affectionate, kind, athletic. A women who loves herself and has the willingness to be open. I want a person to love me for who i am and not what i am. i like to travel travel,I'd love a woman who will join me in sensual intimacy and a real desire to be communicative. I like going to exercise on weekends, and also i love playing golf .I'm a project manager based on construction and my Job moves me around, but it does put me under a roof. I would so much appreciate,if you can contact me through my yahoo chatting ID which is mark_terry002.I'm online right now so maybe we could have a good chat that might result to something good in our future.Hope to hear from you as im still waiting to chat with you.Hope to hear from you soon....mark



Hello I am John saw your Profile here am really inpressed on it,First time user of this on-line stuff,I was born in Tampa Florida and raised in Adam Centre in NY but came to 3yrs ago when i lost my wife and both parents and ever since i have been single and looking for that special woman,I am looking for a sensitive, romantic woman that is willing to take on the roll of my Heart protector.just do not want an added burden of someone who is totally in inlove with any body else ! Who would want that??She must have some idea of what her future will be like and willing to share these dreams with me. Certainly do not want a woman with no ambition.I would like to meet a woman that is willing to get her hands dirty along with me whether its working in the yard or changing the oil.She must be willing to share her family with me and in return I would share mine as well,Would like this woman to understand how important it is to express her love to me with little sweet nothings. For example: Taking me as her Man, To cuddle me when it matters, just the simple things. Would like this woman to be able to slow dance, but of course this is optional! I am an easy-going, very loyal, confident,kind Simcere,sensitive,honest, romantic,Understanding,Godfearing,I am into SALES.i sell and Buy Antigues,. As far as activities.....i love playing golf Love going to Picnic,doing anything Outdoors,and i Love to cook as well,i dont Somke and Not that good in drinking,My true passion is sharing time with my woman and dance with her,i like to cuddle and have fun with my woman like going to picnics ,I have a son who keeps me going and he is my Only son,He his 16yrs,.he keep me grounded and remind me about unconditional love,If you are confident in yourself as being honest and easy going, enjoy being pampered and think a card for no reason is sweet,Then that is a great beginning,I am content to devote my soul to you. At this time of my life,you can be the center of my universe and i will give you the much needed attension to make this work cos i know good communication makes a better relatioship,If you find something here that peaks your interest, please drop me a note, I have learned to appreciate the good things in life and i will treat my woman with Love and respect,If you are willing to give this a GO,you can IM me on yahooIM to john44may OR send me a mail to yahoo to,Then we can come On and Chat and get to know each other better,Have a good day LOOKING FORWARD TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU, JOHN



Hello, My name is scott.i am 42yrs from Atlanta GA. saw ur profile on here and i was really hooked up and would love to get to know u ......i am a business man i deal with crude oil ....been single for 5yrs and got 1 kid they live with Friend in Paris. i am 5'9 tall,i have gone through alot of dates but just won't find a suitable match for myself...i have gone through so many things in life which i will like to express right now and i must tell you that you seems sweet nice and kind and your profile tells me more about you,i must tell you i need a woman like you in my life,you have all the qualities a man  need in a woman.i am Kinder , tender love caring persons of expressing my feelings in person,I have a life style which i share with know but some seriou in my life..well it nice coming across your profile and i think it really interesting...You want to be treated right. You want to be valued and understood. You want to be free to express yourself and you understand the world around you.i have been hurt so many times and i am wanting to meet a nice woman as you are.........i love to play golf,tennis and soccer,camping,writing and watch sporting games and a whole lot other things to make me busy and don't to travel and i think i have been a good traveler and better one.well a little about me would feel very happy if i could get a response from you...until then have a good and nice day out there hope to hear from you soon.please do reply to me on my private email address it's.... scottronald234 at y a h o o dot com(, i am also on y a h o o messenger too so you can as well leave me a message .....i hope to hear from you soon untill then have a great time. care to hear from u soon. Take good care of your self. scott



Hello angel, how are u doing,well my name is  Michael, am 42, from MICHIGAN  usa,, am a Christain by religion and am a civil engineer by profession, who specailized in constructing of roads and bridges, well i lost my wife 3 years ago with our unborn child in a car accident which has made me a widow ever since then, but for now am looking for my life partner until i came across your profile in this dating sight, and when i look into your eyes something tells me that you are the kind of woman i can spend the rest of my life with.well am Easy Going,honest,loving, caring and alway want to be there for any woman that wants to call her self my wife, so am looking for a woman who has this same qualities with me.angel, Though miles may lie between us,to me we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart, so dont measure the distance; measure the love i am going to share when we finally meet each other, because i am ready to relocate to where ever i found my love, but right now i am not in the state becos of contract reason,i have to finish up with my project in west africa,which i will coming back to the state very soon.Angel i guess i will stop for now and if there is anything you want to know you can ask when you reply or when we chat, but you can contact me with this  ID on yahoo instant meseenger  michael_butler55  and you can mail me  on  same email love to hear from u soon. best regards michael .



Hi hello how are you doing,hope you are fine..Marcus is my from ohio ,i have one son stays with me... i saw your profile it attracted me too contact you so i can know ur pretty simple and cool man that you will love too know..and i will love too know you too my pretty angel..hope you will understand why i contacted you so we get too know each nice and caring man..i was born and rase up in a christian way,truthful and trust worhty man... Kindness and complete happiness and joy for how wonderful life can be. To have the chance to completely trust someone again and then give myself to them. To love her and support her and protect her. That is what I want so much. And lastly to experience the amazing gift of life being beside you all time My philosophy on life is to live one day at a time and trust God; to love God, life, family and all children. On a date, I enjoy walks, movies, going out to eat, dancing, or just about anything as long as I enjoy the person I'm with. I'm looking for someone who wants to take it slow in developing a relationship.... I would love to find someone special to hold hands with while walking on a beach or watching a sunset; or while just doing ordinary things like driving in the car or grocery shopping. I want someone that can appreciate those basic signs of affection that mean so much...I'm kind, warm, loving, fun, honest, responsible and hard-working and, of course, I'm looking for those same qualities in that special someone. But those adjectives have been used to describe many people so it will take more than words for us to know if we are right for each other..kindly get back to me with ur email address so that i can write u some little things or we can both chat online...hun This is My Emaill Address ( and THis is My yahoo Messenger IM or ID ; (marcus4u41) i will be waiting and praying to hear back from you becos relationship it really important to me. THank you God Bless.



Hello Pretty, How are you? I am just clicking to say you look great and wonderful.And i would like to express myself to you. My name is John single and looking. i have one son Name Dennis 15 yrs , And i don't have family have lost everybody in a plane crash while they are leaving on vacation to San siro in Italy My Nationality is Italian , and i am the only one for my parent's. i am a great building contractor and i also construct underground trianage, I am From canon city colorado presently in Nigeria to execute a contract with a the federal Governor's companies and the contract that i am executing here is a very large and a good contract i am getting back to relocate withif you are interested in corresponding some more. IM me right now if you would like to chat with me and know more about me .Thank if you dont mind IM me johnterry4real1954am onilne right now my dream one here



Am Bernard from USA in New Jersey and am really honest and God fearing men, I like these physical activities I play Soccer and my admirers say I'm a manly good-looking gentleman. I'm not fat and I'm not skinny; I take care of my health and workout every day I fly, as a hobby, because, of my work with a airplane and live in New Jersey, Brick Am a Real estates Agent. I'm not just another typical United State guy; I was born in the American Continent, in Mexico and lived for many years in that Country, I also speak Spanish. That makes me more open mind understanding other cultures. i really wanna meet a honest and God fearing women here for me to spend the rest of my life with and i promise i will make sure to put smiles in here face. Actually am New in this site a friend of me introduce me to this site and found is True love here and i hope am also gonna found my True love too soon. You looking soo pretty and sweet.. wow i will like to get to know you as well this my yahoo id am online now please add me so that we will get to know each other better Thank you.. and am hoping to hear from you babe


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Hello how are you doing?Its nice to meet you sweety.I am david mark single since i lost my wife and looking for a caring woman that i will love and be with for the rest of my life.Cos am an easy going man that cares for a good relationship from you and i will never hurt you and any way but i will take good care of you.I dont work an more.I was onec an engineer.i have just one Daughter and i love her very much.I My hobbies are swimming,cooking,watching tv,going to the beach and cinemas.Kindly some me some of your pictures cos i will love to see them on my pc. M regards David Mark



I'm a hardworking, independent man, caring and passionate man originally from California but my mom is from Netherlands...... I've been here for some years. Love living in paradise.I'm an AIR FORCE OFFICER I have one child..she is tall And gorgeous ... her ... name is Royce i love her so much she is15yrs old .....her mom leave me and her for another man. ..she. keep me in check.I'm searching for someone to love and cherish for the rest of my life..l need true love..if you really want to have a chat with me...........!!!!! OR Henry cole


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i am looking for a woman who treats her mate as an equal partner.... and while there must be the initial physical attraction, it is truly what lies within a woman's heart that will hold my attention, and touch me deepest. she'll know how to keep a relationship growing ...not just going, which involves romancing each other on a full time basis. she will always be satisfied with having one good man in her life, and be content with developing a relationship with him, and not always be looking to see if there is something better out there. i don't want someone i can live with...i want someone that i cannot bear the thought of living without! i want someone who wakes up every morning and tells me she loves me....not because she feels it's expected, but because it's what she truly feels, deep in her heart. i love everything about sex except anal, but i will lick and suck your sweetness for hours, till you cum as many times as it takes to make you feel very happy. i also stay hard for hours also, as long as the woman i'm with is very vocal. and expresses her desire for more and more orgasms. if you want to talk, send me your # or email address. i'd like to get to know you and what you like, and for how long. in the past i dated 2 women that were marathon sex fiends. i'd get ridden for hours. and i really loved it. of them taught me about going down on her, and made sure she came in my mouth over and over... well for a long time i couldn't decide which i liked better, s*c*i*g or f*c*i*g. which do you prefer? i'm looking for someone that would relish what i wrote to you, at least once a day, or night....not just go along with it, but look forward to it while we are not together. someone who thought about it during the day and would have to touch herself just to maintain her composure, waiting for me to get home to jump on and make me glad i'm her man. glad to be with her, above all else. glad that i'm the only one she wants inside her, and to make sweet love to for the rest of our lives. BTW.. i'm not spoiled, i dont need to have sex for hours, but it's nice if that's what u like.



Hello Sweetie. I'm so excited to read your profile . I was browsing on before I come across your profile . I'm new on here and looking for friends .. A friend of mine set me up on this dating site and would be glad to talk to you if you are interested . . I am easy to get along with also very simple and outgoing . I'm looking for a true friend and then see what happens . someone to talk to and share things with , someone to spend sometimes with in getting to know each other and develop something special in common. I will do my best to describe myself and what I'm looking for in friend, lover, and possibly a wife. I consider myself very honest with strong family values and morals. I have lots of friends and I keep my friends for life. Certain ones are very close. I am a Contractor .I have a good reputation in my field and I'm very satisfied thus far. I have plenty of free time.I want you to write me on my email address Samsonbill556@yahoo.comor you can IM me on my yahoo messenger on Samsonbill556......I hope to learn more about you Soon . Sam~



hi i am david fletcher,i am 48 love to chat with you,i am a cardiologist,i saw your profile on tag and would love to chat with you on yahoo instant messenger my id...project4children my email is



Hi Sunshine What a great profile and nice pic you've got here,one that can knock a man off his feet.I was glancing through profiles when your gorgeous picture got me attracted while your lovely words had me write you, I really was marveled reading your profile and i enjoyed doing so... The first thing that came to my mind when i saw your picture was..''re drop  dead  GORGEOUS..... So i thought i would take out time to introduce myself.I'm here to get me a perfect match that will be willing to spend the rest of her life with me, I am Allen. I must say you are a very sexy, cuttie and a very beautiful woman, u are charming, I would like to chat some time, my email is .. its also my yahoo messenger , whats your email address or your yahoo IM, so we can talk further. I would like to hear from u sometime, I am a very easy going person, like to dance,swim, travel and so on, i am currently in my friend mother's funeral, which is in Nigeria, i would be returning back to the USA soon, and would like to meet up with you, pls i really would like to hear from you soon. Thanks Allen



I am Otis, but you can as well call me Mr. Right, I am cute, sweet and loving, honest, loyal, passionate, truthful, trustworthy,faithful, serious and a gentleman.. I am a designer and builder. My hobbies are Reading, Singing, Dancing and Swimming. I am searching for my soul mate, a woman who is so romantic, humble, sincere, a virtous woman indeed,.A woman who is caring from the inside also love kids. I am a hopeless romantic and I want to give my heart to that sweet woman who will accept it with love and gentleness and will take care of it. I Like to work out at the gym and as well I Love sports too, Like soccer, volley ball and basket ball, but most of all swimming. I am hoping to hear from you soon and tell me a few or more things about yourself, and you are a very cute looking woman... I know all the men would be running after you...LOL.. Just teasing...I came across your profile you seem to posses some sought of magnetic charm that elicited my interest and fascination. My admiration and physical attraction drew forth my immediate response without hesitation because you appeal to my dreams, desire and taste. My sudden instinctive response was based primarily on a spontaneous mutual attraction which rendered me helpless and unable to resist communicating with you immediately, please afford me the opportunity to know you. Well before I go any further let me however use the opportunity to confess a few. After looking at your photo for a while, i just wished that we get along very well as friends, but that will be your choice to make.I want you to understand that distance is not going to be a barrier as long as our hearts connect as one (hopefully). "Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be", distance does not matter if two hearts are loyal to one another, but at the same time I am willing to move to be with the woman of my dreams. Your beauty and sweetness captured my heart, only God's creations can compare to the beauty that I see in you, the greatest gift to my eyesight is having my eyes set on you. They say, "a picture is worth a thousand words", but when I saw yours, I was speechless. If any of this piques your interest, you can either write back here or email me on tsclytn at yahoo dot com Have a lovely weekend.



Hello How are you doing today i came accross your profile and really loved it i will love to know more about you and see where that goes well here is my yahoo msg and email add I will be waiting to hear back from you Thanks David



Hello dear i went through your profile and i think we can start something new out of it,u can send me your pictures or start instant chat with u on yahoo or msn, or camp-0249@hotmail,hope to hear from u soon,bye



My name is James Bryne. I am temporarily in Uk, London. I am opportuned to see your profile and i think i really love what i saw there. I am looking for someone who i can love and who is going to reciprocate by loving me in return. I hope you are the right one because i have choosen you out of the many profiles i have seen enlisted. I have been looking for someone who will love me for who i am but it is so unfortunate that many of them were just playing games on me. Pls, i hope you will give me a good reply coz my heart is really bleeding to have you and i promise you that i will not do anything to you that will hurt you or your feelings. I am right here now thinking about the kind of relationship i am going to have with you. When i saw your profile, i thought you were an angel sent from above. I am a widow....and i have a child called Rowena. She is the greatest thing that i have in my life right now. Now, i believe that i am ripe enough for another relationship and i am looking for someone i can settle the rest of my life with. I want to forget about the past and start a new life afresh. I have a shoe making factory in London here. I must let you know that i am the type that travels alot. I am a german citizen and my wife is from the States before she died of a car accident. Well, i am the kind of man that likes to jogg around the neigbourhood in order to keep fit, i also go to the beach with my friends and my daughter to have funs. I usually read: classics, novels, newspapers and magazines. I like to read mostly motivational books such as rich dad and poor dad, i also like reading Christian books. I must let you know that i am a God fearing man who believes in God so much. I would like to meet clever and kind woman with good sense of humor, somebody who knows who she is, who feels herself ready for serious relationship and who puts deep meaning into the words such as family, love, trust and honesty. I think i need to tell you that distance is not a barrier to me when it comes to LOVE. My wife and I had an apartment together in the states before she died. But i still keep the apartment and i come over to the states with my kid...whenever i am on vacation to spend it there. Well, i am planning to settle down anywhere in the world as long as i am happy there, but i would rather want someone i can settle down with and spend the rest of my life with. Here is my yahoo id: ( OR  ( can try to add me up and lets have a chat together and get to know each other better. Hope to hear from you soon. You can as well give me your yahoo id. Bye for now and have a good time.

581 582 name is Gregory thomas am 47years of age,i came across your lovely profile while i was browsing thru tagged i must confess that you are very.......beautiful and gorgeous,am alsolooking for a woman that is ready for a serious relationship too,a Honest,caring,loving and a truthful woman that has sense of humor,so i want to believe that you have all this qualities too.Here is my YIM, so let's chat and get to know more about ourself.Hope to read back from you soon.Thanks

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Well pretty i want you to borrow me some money And i will return it back to u when i come back home  I need the money to buy some food stuffs and meds for my mom u have to help me with small amount ok I will give it back to you i swear upon my dad's grave pretty I am stranded right now pretty and i hope you can understand that i never meant to ask you for money insteand i will be the one to give u money


583 584

Oh i am so glad you are here  Baby i am on the Phone right now with Benford My Friend i talked to you about will be sending money He need the Citi Bank Account Routine # now Do you have the Routine # now ? You might need to Call the Bank for that Baby you should email it to me please another olead for money right now i am totally broke  can you help me with a $100?


585 586

U Looking so AdorableLet me start by telling you a Little about myself..I am Henry Thomas ..I am 47yrs..I am Divorce with a son name Darren he really mean alot to me...I work as a Building Cabin Logs home Constructor Engineer for 20yrs now,I have never met any one on here..i am new to this stuff.I will like to 131 broadf street meet a woman to have a wonderful and sweeter life, with many activities and much traveling, and I look forward to sharing these times with the most special lady in the world. I am not looking to meet a lady I can live with but I am looking to meet that special lady I cannot live without . Whenever I see her my heart will race and wanna hold her closer and when she touches me I will be overwhelmed with joy and dreams of been in second world. I will never be able to get enough of her. When she leaves home I will miss her so much and wait anixously to once again see the smile on her face. We will be able to finish each others thoughts and be able to speak through our eyes. She will be the only lady my eyes will ever see forever and i'll want her to do the same in return...I am a strong confident man I will take good complete care of her in and out of the bedroom, at the same time she will teach me things about Herself I never knew. She will understand a commitment is forever and staying in Love is a greater challenge than falling in Love. By respecting, trusting and cherishing each other our burning desire to be with each other will grow stronger with time. This love I seek is not easy to find but to meet this lady is to find the greatest happiness in the world. She will be my hero:) and she will never lack anything love can give from me. My friends would describe me as confident and sophisticated yet easy going, humble and compassionate. I am as comfortable in a pair of jeans as I am in a black tie. My home is build with Cabin home and I enjoy spending every free moment being active outdoors. I throughly enjoy the healthy lifestyle. My hobbies include physical fitness, boating, landscaping and traveling. I get great pleasure out of the simple things in life, such as watching the sunset in the evenings or dolphins swim in the morning, which has given me a greater appreciation in the finer luxuries of life...My sense of humor is always present and I get greater joy in giving rather than receiving. I enjoy life greatly but dream to share all it's special moments with my future bestfriend and lifetime partner someone to grow old with. I will dedicate my heart and soul to her and nothing will be more important than her happiness being in my world. Would like to meet a lady who dreams to bring two hearts together as one and treat it with care. She will be able to depend on me more than any other person and I will be able to depend on her too. When we are not together I want to feel as though a part of me is missing...I will Like to Know More about you and let see what the future hold on us.. Here is my Contact if you Want to Reach me. Via Email Yahoo IM:henrylolthomas.. U can also Give me Ur Contact we Can chat with Each Other soonest of time. Henry care's



Mmmmm..Honestly am not trying to pull your legs Or What ever But belief Me when I say you're totally drop dead Gorgeous my dear and above that,it's an awesome profile you got here.. Am truly strike by the beauty personality you glance just like the Morning guardian Angel.. Well, I'm Kinda of puzzled as to what a gorgeous woman of your caliber is still doing in Instinct tells me so many of those men on this page might have made several passes to you or perhaps, should have met your match. Prove me maybe I'm wrong but if you could prove me wrong, honestly I'll sure ascertain a reason to place you at the first category of women have ever come cross...Well, if you don't mind I'll like to get to know you much more better as your qualities an beauty has attracted my emotion. I'll duly appreciate you writing back to this effect, by letting me know what you think.You can always get hold of me through my Private Email address [] . No doubt you are just too good looking, and pretty. Please do forgive me if I'm being self centered my dear.Guess you must be Curious if you do know me? Well am Collins Vaughn by name. from North Arlington VA, and i am also a widower if you care to know, I was like going through Peoples silhouette when your absorbing pics and personality court me. So i thought it'll be silly of me not to drop by and say Hi to you .. Well am just dropping by to say hi and probably if you can grant me the chance to have a chat with you some time?.. If that's Okay with you. Please do write back Please don't ignore my mail and if I've by any chance made you feel poignant from this mail,and mean while presently i am in West Africa to seal up a contract I want to use this opportunity to say am sorry  but will be returning back to the state in the nest 2 or 3 weeks... .. Thanks for reading and please do write back when you're chance? Bye for now and God bless.Collins.


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Hello, I saw your profile on here and i really like all that you said about your self. My name is navas,i am a 49yrs old, I am a business man, am into selling of cars and deals with telecommunication. I am an outgoing, outspoken, loving, romantic and very honest i will say about my self. I was really hurt in my past when i lost my wife in a fire accident 2yrs ago. Later i was meant to realize that we need to forget about the past and face the future. So someone close to me introduced me to this online dating stuff which i never belived it exist. I joined this site some days ago and i have gone thru some women profile but all i have seen to far does not really thrill me. But when i got your profile , my heart misses a skip and it said stop!!. So i just took a leap of faith to send you this message that you have a very loving and nice profile and i like all what you said about your self.i'm looking for a long time relationship,someone i can spend the rest of my life with and willing to do same too.I'm looking for a very honest, trustworthy, faithful, loyal,kind, loving, passionate, romantic and caring woman,Looking for someone who shares my love for the outdoors and related activities, quiet dinners, travel, and an open, honest, caring relationship,I am easy going and looking for a genuine woman who is passionate as i am ,sensual to the touch like me.I work out at the gym and am in good shape.I like going to the movies sometimes, out to eat and also love the home cooking.So if you think you are looking for same as well,here is my yahoo email address......, or better stil on IM,and this my mobile number u are free to call me if u like to ak any quetion you can as well email me with your yahoo ID or so we can talk and get to know each other better right now am online .Never turn your head from love and later wonder why you have such a stiff neck,Love is hard to find, but once you find it you won't regret it.I am glad i expressed my self and i hope to hear from you as soon as you get this message,has anyone ever told you that you are too cute and gorgeous to be ignored???will love to have the honor of chatting with you soon...P.S I'm willing to relocate for the right woman for me , so long distance relationship is not a problem for me and i am really sorry i am new on here and is gonna take a time for my picx to come up i hope you can add me to your list so we can talk and i am gonna give you my picx before it comes up on the site thanks



Hello i am willie king 48 years from DECATUR,GEORGIA, seeking for a very nice beautiful women like you and honest, I want to start off by telling you how madly i like the pics you have on your pofile it is very nice,Did anybody tell you that you are one of the most beautiful women on earth, I bet if they elected Miss 2008, she has to be you! Your smile lightened my whole heart when I looked at your picture. It must be raining when you were born, because god was crying for losing his most beautiful angel…How long have you been living on earth? When do you have to be back in heaven.u cam mail me


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Passion is the first step in "love at first sight", because the passion was strong for you, then you love. Then, finally, it is love at first sight.i am Fred Scott and I am here looking for a soul mate when you see your picture i now believe in love at first sight.i never believed that, but their pictures made for me to . soon.u hope you can listen to im me here, or I give you my email address so you can I improve is


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hello angel, how are you doing,am mophy i hope you doing fine well i came across your profile and i have been carried away by it by your cute profile am here for a long term relationship and i believe the more I know you, the more I love you hopei am a Building Contractor.....I construct Roads and Bridges..I have been to many like Poland,Germany,Uk,Ireland,Canada,Sweden,.. and am presently in West Africa now...but i will be back to the state very soon.I am an honest, easygoing, caring, compassionate, passionate romantic, with a great sense of humor. I am a one woman man, and am seeking the same. I love to be spontaneous, and often love to just pick up and do trips to absolutely nowhere. Since I can be child like at times, adds a mischievous streak in me.....all in fun. It's all about living life to the fullest with that special someone. I am looking for someone who compliment me, as I will compliment also. Looking for that person to the create those memories for the final chapter in this life. Are you the one????? If so, tell me, and let's start writing our destiny together. to hear back from you soon or you can add me on my yahoo chat id: Mophy



Hello, Am Joe Marrons by the name and am from Barrington/New Jersey...Am interested in you and i really want to get to know you better maybe we can work things out and here is little introduction about myself I am open mind man....And have a daughter daughter called Rose...I lost her mother 4yrs ago....i am good, honest, cherishing, Caring and Loving,Passionate and Affectionate,Honest and Reliable,Trustworthy and a Good man,i have a great sense of humor and which i believe is the most things in this life and it is so necessary in life..I will want you to email me at or add me to your yahoo messenger, my yahoo messenger is ( joe22cute )..So that we can get to know each other better and about the distance i believe we can work it out because am willing to relocate...Add me to your Yahoo Messenger or let me have your email address so that we can chat better online ok...Hoping to read from you soonest..Thanks....if you really want to reply me back..Do email me to my email address which is


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I was just wondering if you would like to get to know a man who has a heart of gold. I am 47years young and I must say that my friend tell me that I don't look a day over 35. But I guess you will have to be the judge of that. I am a civil engineer. I enjoy bowling, playing pool,swimming,soccer,listenin g to music,dancing,dinning out,movies and traveling. I am very open minded person. How long have you been dating on the internet?Did you try any other dating site.Did you have any luck or got to talk to anyone? I have been searching for that very special lady. The one who would like to start out as friends, you must be one that will never play games of the heart, one who is smart, sexy, caring, honest, and funny and trust worthy. You must be one who is a real lady at heart. Someone who wants a real man in her life and knows how to treat that man. Please email me back and let me know just how you feel. I'm not the type of person that goes around sleeping with all types of women. I'm just looking for that one woman that can be my best friend, my partner, my lover, my everything. If you feel like this might be you then I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. I hope that this letter finds you and your in the best of health. I think that we could become the best of friends. Well I think I have said too much so now its up to you .hope to hear from u soon..............Richard Email me I am ending my subscription



how are you doing... i am derek by name am new here..... i am 48 years old,single and searching someone to be with me for the rest of my life..looking for a soulmate cos i lost my Wife in a car accident when she was traveling to texas 3 years back,i have a daughter called cindy she is 8 years old, i love watching movies,dancing,camping,fishing and making new friends... I am a romantic and very content with my life - I just think it would be a lot more fun if there was someone to share it with. I am a strong, independent man with a great sense of humor and have managed to remain a kid at heart. I try very hard to keep a positive outlook on life and hope you do too. I like candles and flowers... music and reading bible... (whether it be a lake,stream or the ocean)...sunshine and rainy days...falling leaves (Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year), holding hands...cuddling...walking in the evening and kissing under a street light. I am honest and expect the same in return. I dont play games orcare much for people who do so give me a way to get in touch. In short, I am looking for the last love of my life... I am looking for a true companion,themissing link in my life. and i am looking 4 this kind of lady Please, be happy and have a positive attitude. Iam sorry if you have had a bad divorced or childhood, but hopefully you will have put that behind you. I hope you will be honest, sensitive and affectionate (being a romantic would be great!) Beprepared though, I may want to take you away for a surprise romantic If you have a strong shoulder for me to lean on and allow me to cry on You ,well,that would be a real bonus! But you should know that I will be there for you - a partner (in every sense of the world) who will be there to share the laughter and the tears. If you hold my heart,there is nothing I wont do for you. I read a profile once that says it all perfectly - "someone I am excited to spend my the rest of my life with and even more eager to spend my days and nights with"...i am a gentle Man and a kind soul im looking for a Lady that will be my best friend and my love some one to be with forever plus more if it goes that way, someone who has a positive out look on life,caring,loving, not boring likes to go out and do things even if its just a walk and i have 2 tatoos.its the little things that matters............Am interested in u that is why i i sent u this tell u that the age does not matters when there;s love...And if u re interested u can add me to your yahoo im so we could talk more and more or u should sent me an email is my yahoo id;am online right now( so bye for now and take good care of your self hope to hear from u soon. Thanks derek.



Hello pretty angel,   How are you doing?..Well it nice coming accross this intresting site,...I'm Mark from Lima Ohio...Am 50years old,.Am 5''10" (187cms) and have Light brown hair,Hazel eyes,..I come accross your profile and it sound so nice and lovly to me that is why i e-mailed you,..Am a Widowed with a 9years old daughter,. Am a Graphic Design..I must tell you am in need of a good woman who is Honest,Caring,loyal,Lovly and Faithful that is can be with for the rest of my life,that is why am here,..I am Kinda shy of expressing my feelings in person,and most woman here in my states are not honest with me.. Am here looking for a very good woman,..A woman who will not make me cry on think,..If you want to be valued and understood. You are free to express yourself and you understand the world around you.I have been hurt so many times and i dont want that to happen tome againin my life,.I love to play golf,tennis and soccer,camping,swimming,writing and watch sporting games and a whole lot other things to make me busy,I don't lies and i also dislike someone that lies also,..i travel alot with my job..well a little about me would feel very happy if i could get a response from you...Until then have a good and nice day out there hope to hear from you soon., Here is my private email address it's...( ) I am also on yahoo messenger too so you can also leave me a messager..I hope to hear from you soon unit then have a great time. I am a very unique person,l, and I am very loyal in relationships.I am very honest, I am very faithful, I am very trusting and very caring. With my dream-it is a very easy attainable dream I believe: I dream to be with a very honest woman in my life, Becos am a very honest man and if i can be with a very honest woman in my life. I will be very greatfull man in the world....If you take the time to read this next portion, and you get a feeling of wanting to know me, I would love to chat with you better on yahoo messenger. And i would like you and i to chat on yahoo messenger this my id ( ) and know more about each other better, ....I will be re-locating soon as soon as i find my Mrs.Right if that is what she needs for a better relationship and secondly age does not bother me all i need from a woman is 100% honest,caring,lovly,loyal,faithful and trust if you can handle that i have no problem relocating if that is what you need for a better relationship also. I was so lucky getting ur profile..until then have a good and nice day out there hope to hear from u to hear from u soon.Take good care of your self.Mark



Hello Dear My Name is Lorens Morris Compliment of the day to you,pls i don't want this short note to be as a burden to you ,there is something attract me in your profile,to be sincere with you on my searching in this datin home i came accross your profile which i went through thoroughly and is quite interesting to my liking,if you wouldn't mind there is something confidential which i would like to discuss with you through my private pls your reply will be highly treated.and you can Add me to your yahoo mail my is ( Thanks and i wait to hear fro you. Lorens

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Hello this is are you doing today..hope my messager do not get you mad if not you can IM me on my yahoo ID  and also you can send me yours Lorens

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Helo Dear this is Lorens i was browseing on the tag account and i saw you sweet profile and i like to know you more..can you be a friend somehow am sure you not mad at me here is my yahoo id and you can also send me yours for us to have time to chat more, Thanks



hi add me no i ma online hi beauty i must say that your beauy is so magnificent that its captures my eyes and i cant see well,i will be very glad to know a radiant and shining beauty like you you have a yhoo id mine is   i willl love to read from you soon cos i know that getting to know an Angel like you will be a blessing

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Hi Sweetie, How are you doing? my name is david , am 36 from USA, am new here in the site, i was going through the profile of women on the site and i came across yours,i must tell you that among all the profile of womens i saw here ,yours is the one that caught all my attention most . because you are beautiful, looking nice, and i saw trough your profile that you will be a caring and also a loving woman,i will like to get to know more about you, well if you have a yahoo mail id let me know so that i can add you up,because these site do act up sometime,you can also mail me with these email address (, or u can add me to your yahoo messanger so that we can chat more, here is my id mikedave1759. Well let me tell u about myself and what i am really looking for in a woman. I'm a computer engineer I'm a self employed, i am white my dad is Originaly from usa while my mom is Originaly from africa. my dad passed away about 3 years ago. i am the only child of my parent.and resently now i am not in the states, i am in africa right now visiting my sick mom beening the only child i have to take good care of her coz i dont want to loose her. i am a well charming black man. Who holds these words to be self evidence, that I am somebody. Somebody whose mind is made up of what I am determined to do in life. I am a dedicated Christian and hopefully one day soon, I will be a dedicated husband for that special woman who will(In The Future) be in my life to have and to hold. I want a woman who is ready for marriage and nothing less. Also, I am a independent, supportive, lovable, talent, and a sense of humor , black man, who is walking by faith and not by sight. A black man who have came to realized that you are just as important as I am. A black man who willing to walk side by side with his future mate. And give her 100% satisfaction of her needs and wants. (As long as it is decent and in order). I am looking for in a partner, a well bride independent,true Christian talented
woman. One who wants to be loved by a loveable man. A woman who wants to have something in life. A woman who set goals, one to whom I am willing to listen to, and she is willing to listen to me as well. One who is humble, and has the Godly woman in her. And surely every thing else will fall in place. A woman who know what to say and do with a beautiful black man. i hope to hear from you soon. bye and take care, much love and have a blessed day. DAVE



hello good day to u how are u doing today fined i quest so ,well am, john by name frm florida but now currently in west africa for a jod delivery package by my company am 42 years old with a kid son to be presence am my zodiac is causaine white am 5.5 fit tall with black hair and brown eye , am a very simple guy my personality is fun loving,faithful,caring,honest and humble man , I desire a woman that is loving ,funloving,caring,hoest.faithful,loyal that is ready to loved ,am a single man ready to give my heart to the rigth woman .Well i saw ur profile and i was so amased by ur beauty and qualities i will love to know u more and get to starte a conversation with u i love to know u i really do u can send me a mail or u add me let chat on yahoo I lookk forward to hear frm u soon have a nice day ahead . john cares so much am online now ok u can add me let chat ?



How are you doing,I got to your profile and i can see you are Pretty i will Love to know More about you,My Name is Keith Jones,am from Iowa State,Storm Lake City.. 60 Years Old...divorced with one son, But he is Married and Live in Brasil with 2 Kids,i love going to and Looking for a Responsible woman some one that will be ...honest and Caring..Lovely, Faithful,Loyal, companion and passionate,i just want to be love, i dont want to grow old alone, am looking for my soulmate and soulholder,Am a Gentle man with a good sense of humor, am 5..9 and 198lbs, i have a blonde hair and a brown hair, i will be so glad to hear from you asap, Just email me on my Private email address, that will be easier for us to communicate with each other very well, and you can add me to ,my Yahoo Instant messenger which is (soulmate_jones) and here is my private email is, it will be easier for you to get back to me through my Private email address and am willing to hear from you okay



Are you the eight wonder of the world? lol. I heard that when the ear hears something unique, it pauses the heart, so what about seeing the unique one?LOL. I am Bill, I've been Divorce about three and half years and i haven't gotten a date since then, believe me or not. Cos i want this to happen only once and forever in my life. I will cut blabbering cos i would rather discuss passion and fun things than politics and religion,lol,. I have seen a face i think i can live with,lol.I am here only for a reason and it is to find someone who would share the good life with me. My idea of a good life together is when we both take life to be about each other's happiness. When i want to really do everything with her. I will tell you about a typical day in lovers life and you would know what i am talking about. I want to wake up with her next to me and knowing she is legally required to be there. I want to go to the kitchen and make her breakfast while i bring it to our bed and wake her gently with a kiss. I want to then make her laugh and scream in excitement while she wakes also. then i can feed her and kiss her again. I could leave her to prepare for the day with baths and other things in the morning , we could both drive out in the morning maybe for grocery and come back.We get back and she first goes into the room while i go into the home office doing some paper works. I would love to get distracted by her while i work, i would love to pull her into my arms and kiss her again. I would tell her to go on and get ready we would go out shopping. We have many sites around the world to see. Sometimes we could visit my house in Scotland too . we could see ma in Sydney. we could also drop by and give them a treat. We get home and i may still do some more paper works while she still distracts me again. We could take a night dip in the pool while we taste wine and i could still carry her back to Our room. I would love to cuddle her in my arms and and whisper sweet words to her hearings and assuring her that i would love her more by the days.I would run my fingers through her hair to take away her worries . and we could have enough fun before we go to sleep with just one pillow on the bed as she uses my chest as her pillow. I would want to watch her sleep or even snore while i make sure she is ok. I would tell her to go to sleep and we would meet in our dreams, i may still sneak out late to do my paper works before snuggling up back with her under the duvet. She could catch me and i would bribe her with a kiss and then i could go play again. and night Night!I would live anywhere as long as we are together.write back to me bainssipes_bill@hotmail.comwould be able to access your mail from anywhere. besides i am trying to get off this market asap,lol.Hugs.Bill.


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How are you doing,I was excited going throught your page,So I decided to drop you a line and I hope this is for real..I'm caring, down-to-earth, fun and spontaneous, and very honest and loyal, and I hope you are too.I know there's a lot more that could be said here but it's much easier for me to talk about myself in person! Please Be honest! can hit me up on messenger for better conversation !Take care ! I will be looking forward to hear from you again..



Hello My Dear, How are you doing, i hope all is well with you. Well i have noting much to say about yourprofile but i think its nice, i was going through  profiles on this site ,but yours caught my attraction,thats why i am sending you this message,i am Engr Pete saunder as you can see. So can we know each other if u don't mind.see if you can develop the kind of interest i have for you,i am ready for relationship with you,it takes two to tangle I have achieved many goals in my life and consider myself to be worth of all the best. My life is full of communication, nice people, music, good books, and many other really good things. Looking for serious relationship for a loving person, to love and make our lifehappy, for being together. I value mutual tolerance and respect. Must be a person i wish that person is YOU. Why I am here, you may ask many good friends think I am very strong and beautiful. May be even too strong character, may be even too bright appearance - yes, I love being noticed. Yet I did not find a REAL PERSON in my life. so Please Reply I am waiting for your prompt response.. You can add me at your messenger Id;,So that i will tell your More about My self. Bye for now Cheers Pete saunder



Hello, I stumbled on your profile and i found it very interesting.You look like the type of woman i want
In my life.I have been hurt a bit of times.I had a terrible divorce 5yrs ago but now i want to put my past behind me,now i want to build and start a strong and long lasting relationship with a good,kind,honest,faithful and loving woman.I have alot to offer in a relationship both emotionally,physically and materially.I'm from a little paradise town called TAMPA in florida . But i have lived in Uk for only 6 months, before i came down here to Africa for this job .But i do shuttle around United states,U.k,Europe and Africa.I'm a Civil Engineer by profession and i run my firm.My job makes me travel alot attimes cos i get different Building Contracts from Individuals and firms Abroad.I'm in Nigeria Africa at the moment.I have been here for the past 2months on a Five Star Hotel Building Site Contract.My job here almost over in a few weeks time.I would like to start up an email and phone conversation with you.So we could get to know more about each other. I'm ready to come visit you in any location.Dear all i want is Love and Committment.I could be the perfect man you need in your life.I have been lonely for long,i want that to end soon.I have witnessed and gotten alot of knowledge from people here in Africa.There is alot of problems,disease,poverty and starvation in this part of the world.On some weekends when i'm less busy i drive to some orphange homes and give out kinds of donations to the motherless and suffering kids there.I belief so much in kindness and helping of the needy.I think these letter is getting too long for an Introduction.I will stop here for now and hope to here from you soonest.Thanks,Please feel free to reply back to me at my email address


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Hello Sweety, How are you doing there..........I just go throught your profile and thought to say hello and drop you a note....I am a calm, dependable and passionate person. Those who know me think that I am intellectual, kind, optimistic, supportive, patient and a romantic at heart. Throughout my life, I enjoy being around other people and feel energized by time spent with friends and family. I enjoy arts, cultural events, fine dining, a nice poem, nature, travel and movies. Some think that I am highly adaptable and can survive almost anything. Generally I cope well with stress and easily bounce back from problems. I look forward to what life is going to bring. I seek adventure and challenges and strive to live up to my full potential. I am looking for a true friend, the person that I can connect with on every level. Remember that feeling at the beginning of a relationship where the butterflies just won't go away and the sparks always appear when you are together? I am hoping to find someone where those feelings will never go away and you can always keep the magic alive. mail me at so that we can talk better.

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Hello Dear,How are you doing today?How is work and your health?It was really nice hearing from you though,I'm finding u real interesting..... I am offering you the flower of my heart as a friend. It's always growing and searching for perfection,always reaching for the sparkling rays of the sun,but only you can give it the care and nourishment it needs to thrive. Love it. Treasure it. Keep it safe. Give it your light. And it will bloom forever!i will like u to know that am new over on tegged and i will like to meet some friend and to find my soul mate that who will be together in happy life pls if u wil like to know me better this my yahoo id so we can get to know each other better



hello are u edmund mirek from maupin, single but have a son called stephen a self employer..running my own business in the a new person on the internet dating ..cos my friend invited me on here ..and am looking for a real soul mate ..some one to be my future wife .someone who i can trust and put my whole life on her trust ...someone who is honest,respectful,loyal,caring,loving,faithful to be my soul mate..someone who can take my word and i will also take hers...Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy 2 see, But sweet people are difficult to find .Life ends when you stop dreaming, Hope ends when you stop believing, Love ends when you stop caring, Friendship ends when you stop sharing....I will like to get to know you so we can be friends..I will tell you more about my self when i get a reply from you..till then have a nice day...This is my e mail address i can hear from u.can i have your id or email also so that we can chat ,more..bye for now



i,m william smith from U.S.A.i need a really love that we will love our self for ever. my id you can send your yahoo id to me so that we can chat better. Regard william. s



Hi Dear you most have read similar mails like this everyday your profile is so irresistible to me,it blown away my heart.i am new on this online stuff,i don't know about you ,I have been thinking really hard about how to make mine stand out. I think your profile makes you worth emailing,and i really enjoyed reading what you wrote and also showing interest to your profile. i am denise From califonia,LA.i am a car dealer.I think we re match and I would love to learn more about you.I am a very passionate man. I love life and see the glass half full. your profile,Is So Amazing believe me you totally swept off my feet looking deep into you eyes lift me up to the sky and if my feelings for you is water,I would have send u the rain to show u, how precious and beautiful u are and i also want you to know because it takes only an angel to make one 's heart feel the way you did mine,you really look nice ,honestly to be with and i really wanna get to know u lot and see what happen next...... I am not into games ,i am easy going,Just someone new and interested to make a good term relationship with .what i look for is truelove understanding, a kind hearten, ready to love, full of compassion & mere humanity.....I am always mesmerized by the ocean and want the person I am with to feel a connection also. I love to be fun and spontaneous and enjoy each day finding something joyful to smile about, you can Drop me a line and we can go from there. This is my personal email or  i look forward to hear you soon. Sincerely Friend denise



hello how are you doing there? i hope you are fine as i am doing here, i am loving, caring, honest, trust worthy, open minded who would like to chat with you and get to know more about you after reading your profile. well i have read alot of profile but i find yours to be interesting one and therefore would like to get to know more about you. here is my ID i think there is more to talk on chating



I'm so excited when i read your profile. I was browsing .. i come across your profile . I'm new on here and looking for friends .. A friend of mine set me up on this site and would be glad to talk to you if you are interested . . I am easy to get along with also very simple. I'm looking for a true friend and then see what happens . someone to talk to and share things with , someone to spend sometimes with in getting to know each other and develop something special in common. I will do my best to describe myself and what I'm looking for in a friend, lover, and possibly a wife. I consider myself very honest with strong family values and morals. I have lots of friends and I keep my friends for life. Certain ones are very close. I have a good reputation in my field and I'm very satisfied with my work. Hope to hear from you if only you are interested but if not i wish you a good luck in your search Alberto

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Hello, I am very happy to hear from you and i am very glad you kept my thoughts...Anyway let me tell you a bit about me, my family.... I was born and raised in Italy and am the only child of my parents. I lost them about 10+ years ago and i still miss them especially my mom. I spent most of my life living with my mom and while dad was working in the states. We had to relocate in 1990 to the states to take care of my sick dad in NC so that was how I ended up in the states.I was married to a Canadian woman for 10 years who I loved so much and did everything for just because I wanted to see her always happy. We got divorced 5years ago when I got to know she was cheating.When I found out I was so hurt and just couldn't figure out why she was doing that and every body around me were also taken by surprise as they felt she was a very lucky woman to have me. I gave her virtually everything a woman needs and cared so much for her.When I asked her the reason for doing that she told me it was the work of the devil and that I should forgive her and give her a second chance.Until then I decided to stay single until I get all those wounds created by her healed before I get into another relationship.I am very passionate about children and love them but unfortunately for me, I have none of my own. My ex- had birth problems and miscarriages a few times. I am willing to accept my partner's kids as mine and share everything with them.I love the outdoors and everything that God has put around us. I also like to just lay down in a nice patch of soft grass and stare up into the sky and day dream. At night, I like to stare up into the skies and watch the stars. At heart, I think I'm somewhat old fashioned romantic and I look for these same qualities in a woman.I am a very big heated person who has never lost a child's ability to unconditionally love and I am an emotional and romantic soul.I work as cocoa seller,am OK with what i have and what i do. I choose when to work which makes my time very flexible, moreover, I am able to balance my work and personal life. I hope you have comprehended with what I just said, huh?Well, I will keep thoughts of you.I work from home so I am mostly on and off the pc during the days and I am available at nights also.Let me know what time is convenient for you to chat you can add me on .Have a successful and enjoyable day and write back soon.tell me about Ur self what u do for living and etc Alberto



Hello,You've got a wonderful and fascinating profile so i'm sending you an email and show my interest.Have been on this for less than 1day now and i'm in search of my Soul & Dream Mate,Lover,Wife and Life Companion,let me give you a brief introduction of me.My name is Steven Ham/Caucasian i'm an American Born Irish,But my Dad was an Irish man,born in Dublin.I'm an Electrical Engineer studied the course Electrical Engineering with a Masters Degree, I have a good sense of humour...I live in Fremont,CA... Age (58yrs).I'm a widower been widowed for 4yrs now.I have just only 1 lovely Son named (Terry).After the sudden and devasting death of my wife,Who was a wondeful,sweet and caring wife and mother.She was also a teacher and she died by a Heart Attack on her way back from her school..Have been single for the past 4 years, am a man with a strong heart,loving, caring, honest, compassionate,affectionate, i also believe in God.I like swining, camping,fishing,reading & writting,tennis,American Football,Basketball,Baseball,golfing,swimming etc.When i read through your profile i was really amazed and motivated to send you an email and show my interest..I would want us to continue this conversation further through my email which is and if you use a Yahoo Messenger my IM is steve.ham80 Hope to hear from you very soon.Have a Nice day.Steven.

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Hello,Am Steven Ham by the name and I live in Fremont,CA .Am interested in you and i really want to get to know you better maybe we can work things out and here is little introduction about myself I am open mind man....And have a son called Terry....I lost her mother 4yrs ago....i am good, honest, cherishing, Caring and Loving,Passionate and Affectionate,Honest and Reliable,Trustworthy and a Good man,i have a great sense of humor and which i believe is the most things in this life and it is so necessary in life..I will want you to email me at steve.ham80 [at] yahoo dot com or add me to your yahoo messenger, my yahoo messenger is (steve.ham80)..So that we can get to know each other better and about the distance i believe we can work it out because am willing to relocate...Add me to your Yahoo Messenger or let me have your email address so that we can chat better online ok...Hoping to read from you soonest..Thanks....Steven.i will be glad if you really want to reply me back..Do email me to my email address which is steve.ham80 [at] yahoo dot com .


621 622 623 624

The sun has come. The mists have gone. Thereafter, I came across your profile; it’s interesting to know and to come across. It's so amazing how you can speak right into my heart from the look of your pix; you’re the epitome of Beauty. There is passion in your eyes which without saying a word can light up the darkness in me. When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun and the first tree struggled up from the forest floor I had always loved your pix. A smile on your face will intoxicate even more; there is a truth in your eyes left undefined and a part of you left untouched. Hence, I wish to be blessed by your beautyin and out of time. Would love to chat with you kindly email me here on my yahoo email thanks. George



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