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Do not end up in jail
Every day, innocent people end up in jail and have criminal records for life because they did something illegal when they actually thought they were helping someone. Cashing bogus checks or money orders then sending that money overseas is a crime whether you are aware you are committing a crime or not. Among other charges, you could be charged with theft, money laundering, wire fraud and in some cases sending money to a known terrorist supporting region.
Law enforcement
Since the scammers are overseas and in countries that do not cooperate with the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. there is nothing law endorcement can do, not even the FBI. They have no jurisdiction in those countries and trying to report the scammers to them does nothing but take up their valuable time. Instead, report the scammers to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). They have an online reporting feature and will forward your report to the proper authorities if there is one.
Victim Testimony
Scam Victim
He wants money for the passport, the hotel bills, the hospital bills and then he took money on my account 5000 euros ($7260USD)... now i have this all problems... i must pay all back... i can not pay it back... so i must go to a jail... have so many problems now.. am so sad... sorry...
Victim Testimony
Scam Victim
I even called the bank and they put a 3 week hold on the cashier's checks. After that, I withdrew the $8000 and sent it to him via Western Union. About a month later the bank said the checks were fake and I had to sell my house to pay back the money or go to jail.
Somebody must pay the price
Do you think the banks are going to lose money when you cash a bogus check and send the money overseas? Or do you think the retailers are just going to "eat the cost" when you receive and reship a laptop computer purchased with stolen credit card information? The answer is NO. They will look for someone to pay that money back and since the scammers are pretty much untouchable, that just leaves you to either pay back the bank or retailer or go to jail.
Scammers do not care what happens to you once they get their money. You could end up in jail, loose your reputation, home, bank accounts and everything you have worked all of your life for and that "nice guy" in love with you when he wanted something WILL NOT CARE.

Try not to get so wrapped up in a picture of someone that you ignore inconsistencies, flags and warning signs