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Scamming is a BIG Business
In many places in the world such as Nigeria, Ghana, throughout Africa and Malaysia, scamming is not really considered a crime but a real job. We have had many, many scammers tell us they can never be stopped and it appears they are correct. There are literally 10's of millions of scammers with most having multiple accounts on the social and dating web sites. That adds up to 100's of millions of scammer profiles on the sites. People somtimes ask "why do I seem to be a scammer magnet?" or "what is it about me that attracts scammers?". The fact is scammers target anyone and everyone they can. They don't care about race, religion, geographic location or how you look and since most social and dating sites are flooded with them, there is an almost certain chance you will be contacted by a scammer or two (or 100) within a very short time after joining a site.
Message from an actual scammer
To Pig Busters: stop commenting about scamm.. do you know scamming is our Job? we scamm till we die and no one can stop us from it!!!!!!!!!!!! foooool ... foooool
Message from an actual scammer
To Pig Busters: do you know even if you try all this you cant get me out of the site i will still make my money i made lots of money on here not even you can stop me from making that money
The Scam Business is Growing
Scammers net increadibly billions of dollars each year worldwide and the amount is growing every year. It has gotten so popular that many "professional" scammers now teach courses on how to scam. They also go to school and take Linguistics courses to learn how to speak in different accents on the phone. Nigeria has been and is still the main region for scammers. Many of the Nigerian scammers or scammer groups will travel throughout Africa and Malaysia recruiting and training others. We have also found that they are now reaching countries such as India where we have seen a dramatic increase of scammers there working with the scammers in Nigeria.
Scammers are not afraid of the police
In the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. drug dealing is a crime. Drug dealers hide their actions from the police, are always looking over their shoulders and don't sell drugs (advertise) on the social or dating web sites. They also don't brag about it on the sites because it is a crime and they know they will go to jail if they get caught, especially by posting very incriminating evidence online for all the world to see.
Scammers flood the social and dating sites, post pictures of themselves collecting scam money from Western Union, brag about it on their social profiles and many times freely give their own personal information about where to send money. Would they do that if they thought there was a chance they would get caught and go to jail? Would they tell Scam Busters when they get mad to stop warning people because it's their job and nobody can (or will) stop them? The answer is NO because scamming is not really considered a crime throughout Africa, Malaysia and now many Middle Eastern coutries.

Try not to get so wrapped up in a picture of someone that you ignore inconsistencies, flags and warning signs