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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Thu Oct 08 2015  11:16am
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Updated on:  12/13/2015     
arjen barend - morris
Status: Widowed

Mobile: +233543942028

Skype: arjenbarend
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
Scam Buster    5/30/2017
this man under the 2nd photo is on tagged under Robert BJ from AZ try to be careful he used lots of names and photos like this one
Anonymous    12/30/2016
This guy has just become friends with a friend of mine on fb and is using the name James Alrick. I have messaged her to warn her and to block him and change all passwords.
Anonymous    6/27/2016
This person in this picture,was known as Robert Potter,when I met him back in 2013,On Plenty Of Fish. Now he has grey hair,and about 10 different names. He conned a lot of money from me. Please don`t do what I did. I thought he loved me,but I as wrong.
Scam Buster    3/28/2016
This man is on facebook numerous time under the name of Joseph Daniel and O O Salva he contacted me within days under these names. Be careful of this man.
22111991       3/28/2016
I get every day inquiry on skype and always with other names ..
22111991       3/28/2016
the guy is simply stupid lol
Monkey33       3/28/2016
Now going by Joshua Progress. His profile pictures are bad. You can see the pixels in the picture. Blocked from facebook before scamming started. Story was just too odd.
Scam Buster    10/8/2015
The two look `so` alike! Scammers must have forgotten what picture(s) they were using for the email address. Stay safe, everyone.
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