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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Thu May 18 2017  11:19pm
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Updated on:  5/18/2017     
I´m David benzen by name,A man of good gesture very loving and caring honesty man i really believe in power of love and i belive in what goers round and what comes around.i am on here looking for true love and who will stay with me for the rest of my new online it was my friend that introduce me to come over and meet responsible lady online,I was frustrated by my ex wife and I almost lost my life.MY ex wife left me with her daughter and ran off then thavide tribulation starts I have been alone for 5years and I decided that am not going to marry again but I believe life still need to go on since am still alive and healthy.I have lots to say when I meet the woman of my own probably, i have went through your profile and i realized that you are such person i wanna meet.well if i am to consider you get me added as (davidbenzen at YAHOO.COM) or you email me to my inbox It will be the best to let me have your email address for further discussion and probably email you some of my recent pictures, nI will love to get to know you may be best to let me have your email address to talk better and have fast conver sation
Im david by name . Im from usa and i work with us army. I was born and raised in dallas texas. I was hoping i could find a woman who will really show me what life is all about. What true love mean and who show me care and love with building my world and future with her. Someone who will like and accept me for me . . . . Im searching for a good and sincere woman who will trust and she will have faith in me . To respect her and make her smile. . .make her the woman she wanna be on this earth. Go out together and have fun walk together along the street. I want a woman that will make me happy . . Have been on many dating sites but those ladies there are with head game. I am a virgin on this site . . Going through some member profile on her your pics really caught my attention and i hope we are here for the same reason. And to get to know each other and more about each other we can chat and have conversation on yahoo messenger and share photo on there. Here is my yahoo I`d thanks
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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