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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Sat Jan 06 2018  08:24am
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The person you are communicating with using the email address may be using a different picture with you than what we have. Scammers sometimes use different pictures on each site, change pictures often or claim to have had their identity stolen. It does not matter what picture(s) this scammer uses, the person using this email address is a verified scammer.
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Updated on:  1/6/2018     
Alexander Hendrick
59•Arlington, TX• 50% Match
My self-summary
happy guy
They like you!
Straight, Man, Single, 5’ 10”, Average build
White, Speaks English, Attended University, Christian
Never smokes, Drinks often, Doesn’t do drugs, Doesn’t have kids, Has dogs
Looking for
single women, within 50 miles, ages 50 80, long-term dating.

You look younger and beautiful,am Alex and It`s my pleasure meeting you.... For how long have you been on here and what has been your experiences so far? Any good or bad experiences so far?have you been or done online dating before if i may humbly ask?
Nice to meet you Alex. Thank you for the compliment. You have a very nice picture as well. I recently joined so I have not had much experience either way. And we are so busy at work that I actually have not spent much time online. What type of relationship are you looking for?
Am looking for a long term relationship, what about you
I want to be married again.
honestly I am interested in getting to know you but am not often on here... do you care to chat on hangout or send emails?leave your email on here so i will contact you personally for chat to get to know more about each other and see what happens or what the future holds for us
I do not have time for long chats but can certainly exchange emails with you. My email address is What is yours?
okay thanks,i will chat u up

Sorry, bluluv12 no longer has an account.

From: Alexander Hendrick
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 4:07 PM
Subject: Hi
Hi,this is Alex from POF.COM, I am originally from Germany- and have those western ethics and values. My word matters and people matter! I moved to the states 2001 for work and fell in love with the states afterwards. I think America is also a great place to live and no regrets... Gosh, I have not thought about that in a while ~~ Wow!
I live life very passionately and learn from all of life`s experiences! I am quite active and enjoy all water activities and have many other varied interests such as ~ biking, horse back riding, music,dancing, gardening, movies and almost everything considered outdoor, I like trying new things and I`m very fair and giving -
I see "The" relationship being a blend of "Her" and my strengths - each covering the others weaknesses with no one keeping score - I can do dress up and have all of the social skills, however, my preference is a relaxed environment with the people that matter to me - feet up - and always shared humor.

Received: by with HTTP; Wed, 20 Dec 2017 14:07:22 -0800 (PST)
From: Alexander Hendrick
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2017 14:07:22 -0800
Subject: Hi
X-MS-Exchange-CrossTenant-OriginalArrivalTime: 20 Dec 2017 22:07:28.0134 (UTC)
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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