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 Mon Dec 12 2011  07:16pm
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Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Updated on:  9/18/2014     
Jane - Oluwashina-ayomi Garba
I love the way i live my life.leave me if you don't want me.
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Scam Buster    9/18/2014
Anonymous (today), it's not only Nigeria. Scamming is becoming more widespread. Since I've been on this site, have been seeing more profiles from Ukraine, Egypt and Russia. Mine have been mostly from Ghana, Nigeria, some from Senegal and from a couple random places. Stay safe!
Anonymous    9/18/2014
Thanks Admin Great Site! **** these Nigerian Scammers!
Anonymous    8/3/2012
stop all this it will not help allow us make our money

From Admin: This is a scammer but I wasn't sure until they posted this comment so now they are blocked and get their own profile on Pig Busters. Also, we are glad we are "not allowing you to make your money". That means what we are doing is working.
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