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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Tue Feb 21 2012  02:59pm
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Mario Daiz
Hi,i am mario grey daiz born and brought up in Texas,am new to the site.looking for a woman who can build up a relationship,but your profile tell me i found one i will like to no more about you that is why i wrote you this short note. take good care of yourself await to read from you soon from
you soon.........bye
hello *****, how was you day, here is my private email address add me so i can show you more of my picture and chat to no more about each order
thanks dear for the mail, here is the doctor information (goerge hudson). honey i am really serious you will get it back immediately i get back,i will be online waiting for you, love you dear. your love
thanks dear how was your night,here is the doctor information
name; hidden
country; united kingdom (london)
i will be grateful my love, i promise to pay you back before the weekend out, i really don`t no how to thank you, you are the best darling in the world. honey go and make the payment and get back to me with western you details. your,love
Hello dear how are you doing, for a some days now i have not heard or read from you, i will like to no if everything is alright, and i have been wait on the money, that you promise to help me with, we are still at the hospital due to the balance of the treatment, pls dear you are all i got now i have no choice than to seek from you, and promise to pay you back as soon as i got back. may God bless you and take care of you for me, great love my dear, i told the doctor that you will be sending the money on his information and he has been waiting to read from you. love you.
ok, i will babe, i just want to settle the bill then i will no that i am free from this pain, this is my order mail,, or, i will be waiting for the information now, the doctor is worried, he was waiting for your information. my love thanks very much may God keep you for me at the secret place he dwell. your love.
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hello dear how are you doing, for some days now i have not heard from you, the hospital management has been expecting to here from you, hope everything is ok, dear i really miss you online, since this issue came up it has been hard for me to here from. pls honey send me the western union information so i can pay the hospital management. i will be really happy reading from you this morning. yours love.
Good day honey, for some days now i have not heard or read from you, i really want t what is wrong and what is delaying you from send me the payment details? i am really worried about you. your love.
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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