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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Mon Jun 04 2012  05:39pm
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Updated on:  9/14/2017     
Michael Cahill - Michael Smith
Name.....scott Anderson
Address.....30 musa road
Zip code...23401
Text question;what is your favorite color?
Hi Am Michael....I`ve had my time to look at my self, focus on work and on a few other things and now its time to get back
out there and find someone I enjoy being with.. I prefer to get to know each other the old fashioned way ha! as oppoosed to typing up a novel on how great I am, long walks on the beach, yada yada yada.... lets hang out, grab a coffee, go for a workout at the gym, or meet up for happy hour... Are you available for a chat on IM? Yes on yahoo chat ( mcahil43 ) and am online now waiting to chat with you..Hope to chat with you

Thanks for taking your time to read my mail... Would love to know a pretty woman like you cause am searching for my lost
Queen and i hope you are the one..Lol Hope to read from you soon Michael
mcahil43: Hello
ScamBuster:: Hello how are you?
mcahil43: Doing great and you?
ScamBuster:: Great, but getting a little sleepy
mcahil43: Lol
mcahil43: Well am Michael originally from Milan Italy
mcahil43: Mived to my house in tx when i was 30
mcahil43: How about you?
ScamBuster:: I am ******. I was born and rised in Hawaii. I have been in ?Texas since 1981.
mcahil43: Nice meeting you ******...
mcahil43: How long have you been on Meet Me?
ScamBuster:: Nice meeting you too
ScamBuster:: I joined the day after Christmas if that is telling, I did not want to spend another Christmas alone
mcahil43: Lol
mcahil43: I guess you would have met alot of men on here?
ScamBuster:: Oh yes, as you can tell from the money accumulated. but most don’t last more than one chat with me,
LOL does that scare you?
mcahil43: Why?
mcahil43: Not scared cause My Mom is also a woman
ScamBuster:: lol
mcahil43: Why they don`t chat again after the last chat?
ScamBuster:: Because most of them are not interested in a long term relationship. They want one night stands, talk
dirty online, phone sex, even want to show you their naked bodies on cam and make love online. That is
not for me...
mcahil43: OMG
mcahil43: Thats Non sence
mcahil43: Can we share pictures on here?
ScamBuster:: I just had one of the conversations with a 24 year old from Turkey LOL
ScamBuster:: Yes we can. I have a lot LOL. Or maybe I hould send them to you in an email?
mcahil43: Lol
You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.
mcahil43: Lets talk and share a little
ScamBuster:: ok
mcahil43: Are you single?
ScamBuster:: Yes
ScamBuster:: I love your eyes
mcahil43: Thanks
mcahil43: How long have you been single and kids?
ScamBuster:: My husband died in 1997 and I have a 41 year old daughter
mcahil43: Awwww
mcahil43: am sorry about that
ScamBuster:: It okay, long time ago
mcahil43: What is your daughter`s name?
ScamBuster:: Donna
mcahil43: Nice names
mcahil43: I guess she would be as cute as her mom
ScamBuster:: Yes
ScamBuster:: Who is that guy?
mcahil43: My best friend
mcahil43: Scott
mcahil43: Lol
ScamBuster:: lol
ScamBuster:: He is a character
mcahil43: Lol
ScamBuster:: They are adorable
mcahil43: Well have been a widower too for a year and half now
mcahil43: Thanks
mcahil43: They are my world
mcahil43: my 2 lovely wonderful girls
ScamBuster:: I can see why
mcahil43: Kate 16 and Mary 12
mcahil43: Well i lost her due to cancer of the lungs
ScamBuster:: That is what took my husband
mcahil43: Ok
mcahil43: What do you do for a living?
ScamBuster:: I work for a healthcare company in the IT area
mcahil43: For how long?
ScamBuster:: Total of 43 years, since I was 18, I have been in my current position since 1997.
mcahil43: Ok..
mcahil43: I own a motherless babies home for Orphans in Nigeria...
ScamBuster:: How did you get into that?
mcahil43: watched how africans children suffer on the streets of Nigeria
mcahil43: Decided to aid them but need help from people all around
ScamBuster:: How often do you go to Nigeria?
mcahil43: Am here now .... Have been here for 4 days now...
ScamBuster:: How long will you be there?
mcahil43: Not sure cause its a new project
ScamBuster:: Okay well just as long as you know I do not want a long term long distance romance
mcahil43: Lol
ScamBuster:: Developing a relationship is hard enough without the distance
mcahil43: What if God sents you one from above which eventually be me?
ScamBuster:: Well then God better hurry up and send you home
mcahil43: Yes he will soon
mcahil43: Am here for maybe 3-4 weeks
mcahil43: How tall are you?
ScamBuster:: LOL I am 5 feet
mcahil43: AM 5 ft 8
mcahil43: What accent are you?
ScamBuster:: Accent? mcahil43: Awww
ScamBuster:: I speak English only and now have a Texas accent I am told.
mcahil43: Mine is Italian but Nigeria service on phone makes me sound strange lol
ScamBuster:: lol ok
mcahil43: can you send me some of your pictures?
ScamBuster:: sure
ScamBuster:: These are the most recent in the last 3 months
mcahil43: Ok
mcahil43: You
ScamBuster:: lol
ScamBuster:: A cute 62 year old now I have heard it all lol
mcahil43: Think about giving you a kiss on your fore head
mcahil43: LOL
mcahil43: Do you live all alone?
ScamBuster:: yes
mcahil43: In your own rightful home?
ScamBuster:: yes
mcahil43: for how long?
ScamBuster:: I moved in to this house in October 1998
mcahil43: Owned mine since 07
mcahil43: Live all alone there now since Wife`s death
ScamBuster:: Where do the girls live?
mcahil43: Always with dad
mcahil43: I stay alone in my bed lol
ScamBuster:: Not me... I sleep with 5 small dogs LOL
mcahil43: Lol
mcahil43: Well i seek friendship first on here and see where it would lead to
mcahil43: How about you?
ScamBuster:: The ones with the white top is no make up
ScamBuster:: Hope that does not scare you away
ScamBuster:: I wish the same
mcahil43: No..Am here lol
mcahil43: What do you do for fun?
ScamBuster:: Not much because I do not like to do things by myself. I have a lot a friends and get invited out often,
but it is not the same if you do not have a partner always feeling like the fifth wheel
mcahil43: I like going to the movies,listening to music,taking long walks on the beach and also
I like fishing,camping,reading,hanging around with friends,cracking jokes,dancing and also
spending time with someone intresting..Most of all I love to be romantic for that special
ScamBuster:: That is nice
mcahil43: I like Gospel,contemporary Christian,rock and jazz Musics..
ScamBuster:: I like all kinds of music except hard rock and rap
mcahil43: T.v Programms are History,science,learning,some sports,Biblical and spiritual
ScamBuster:: I hardly watch TV but I love listening to music especially love songs and I like singing along
mcahil43: I love Mexican,Chinese,fast food,Sea food and any food that is good for my health
cause health is more Important in this Life...
ScamBuster:: I love all types just do not make me eat anything raw
mcahil43: I enjoy chick flicks but I also like those movies you have to watch every little
thing so you understand the plot and the ending,movies that make you think and know what
true life means...
ScamBuster:: I like romance, drama, sci-fi and action movies. I like anything with Steven Segal and Nicholas Cage.
Some movies I like are Blind Side, Lake House, Notebook, Avatar, Ghost rider, Next, National Treasure...
mcahil43: Wow
mcahil43: So much
ScamBuster:: lol
mcahil43: I love cards and board games sometimes..My favorite color is cobalt blue and my
favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I love every single dish that goes with that
holiday and I love to eat too...
ScamBuster:: LOL I love a man who loves to eat. I love to cook but hte to clean the kitchen. So I will cook and you
will wash the dishes.
mcahil43: lol
mcahil43: I usually read several books at a time...I am currently reading the following Max
Lucado - Traveling Light Chicken Soup for the Womans Soul It`s All Too Much, Also 5
Languages of Love
ScamBuster:: Wow! I dont read as much as I used to but my favorite books just happen to be the Chicken Soul for
the Soul books too. AI love stories anout dogs and miracles.
mcahil43: I have been a student of the Bible since I was a child and Communication with God
should be a daily priority for each person and also the couples can share in their devotion
to God with one another.
ScamBuster:: Yes I was baptized in the Christian religion when I was 12, but I also practice the Buddhist religion
when I go home
mcahil43: I am catholic
mcahil43: I am a Christian and I want a wife too,to take care of me as her husband and take
my kids as if they were hers...
ScamBuster:: Raising kids again would not have been my choice, but sometimes when you fall in love it is no longer
a choice. I do love kids. I believe tht when you love a man, you alo love his kids becuse the kids are who
defines the man. And because you love the man you love is a part of him.
mcahil43: What are you seeking for in a man.... What do you really want from him?
ScamBuster:: I do not want a man for any financial support or gain. I only want the man, I want to share the rest of
my life with the man I am meant to be with for the rest of my life. My one true love or sould mate. If I am
lucky to find such a man all I want is to love and be loved in return. I want all the romance and passion in
my next relationship. I want to love him with all my heart and soul. I want a man who can sweep me off
my feet with his words and his actions. And being younger and good in bed is a big plus in my book.
mcahil43: Wow
mcahil43: Then you have me here baby
mcahil43: Hope this would be the end of your search...
ScamBuster:: So you are saying you are that man.... hmmm
mcahil43: Yes because I`m really looking for Someone Honest,Caring,Romantic,Kind,Posses
Great Sense of Humour,Understanding,Intelligent,Respectful and Trust Worthy..
ScamBuster:: We will see how you feel when we meet in person
mcahil43: A woman that would take me as her husband and take my kids as if they were her
own in this whole wide world, also looking for a woman to support my job financially..Help in
everything i do.
ScamBuster:: Explain support your job financially
mcahil43: help in funding the kids
ScamBuster:: Then you want someone with money, it is not really love you are seeking you want a financial backer
mcahil43: Lol
mcahil43: Its love
mcahil43: Ones woman can help and support her man in everything he does
ScamBuster:: I agree
mcahil43: So be it
mcahil43: Do you have a probelm with that?
ScamBuster:: No but discussing it before even making a commitment does not sit right with me, makes me feel like
tht is the real motive
mcahil43: Lol
mcahil43: Am sorry baby
ScamBuster:: It is 1am here. I have to go to bed now
mcahil43 has selected the "Falling Hearts" IMVironment.
ScamBuster:: I have to get up erly to go to work in the morning
mcahil43: What time will you be here again and can i have your number so i can text you
when you are online?
ScamBuster:: I will talk to you some other time
ScamBuster:: I do not come online often
mcahil43: Give me your number so we can text
ScamBuster:: My number is 333 333 3333
mcahil43: Thank you babe
ScamBuster:: I do not texting a lot
mcahil43: Do you real your emails every time?
ScamBuster:: yrsd and I get them on my phone within minutes
mcahil43: Ok good... I will be emailing you, let me start written one now so that you can read
when you wake up tomorrow morning
ScamBuster:: Good night
mcahil43: What i need from you is just your total support... If i have that, am going to
ScamBuster: That sounds like a bribe and holding my feelings hostage or something
mcahil43: How do you mean baby?
ScamBuster: if i do not give you my total support you not in hurry
mcahil43: Lol
mcahil43: Do you remember ,y job honey?
ScamBuster: yes
mcahil43: You know i need fund
ScamBuster: yes and that is the only reason you are talking to me
mcahil43: i just wanted to complete this project and get back as soon and fast as i can
mcahil43: I don`t get you?
ScamBuster: You use yourself as a bribe to come to me, once I commit, you expect me to help fund your
project, so that means you are looking for financial assistance from me, we are not even lovers
yet much less partners, or husband and wife. It is the spouse’s responsibility to help a spouse,
yes, but after marriage, not before.
mcahil43: I know but friends do help friends
ScamBuster: Not friends you have not met in person
mcahil43: What you mean now is that you can never ever help me?
ScamBuster: After we are married, absolutely
mcahil43: Ok
ScamBuster: Turn on your webcam I want to see you
mcahil43: what do you want to talk about?
mcahil43: Am on a old pension desktop on my hotel room
mcahil43: Got no cam
mcahil43: Do you?
ScamBuster: yes
ScamBuster: well since you are not talking I will go to bed now.
ScamBuster: Good night, take care

ME: Hello

mcahil43: How are you doing honey and how was your dinner?

ME: It was very nice honey

ME: how are you?

mcahil43: Not good

ME: sorry honey

mcahil43: Its ok

ME: I guess you are busy

ME: Lets talk tomorrow

mcahil43: No baby

ME: I am tired anyway honey

mcahil43: oK

mcahil43: Can i show you something
now that i would need your help on?

ME: ok You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.

mcahil43: I need some help on both of them, My cash ain`t enough

mcahil43: Maybe a loan of some bucks from you would do till am back

ME: how much?

mcahil43: All i need is a thousand dollars but not sure of how much you can come up with

mcahil43: its needed urgently

ME: I already told you I do not have any money

mcahil43: Can you get for me please?

mcahil43: I promise to pay back as soon as am back

ME: how do you suggest I get it?

mcahil43: I don`t know but try any means you know ok

mcahil43: Even if its like $400.00

ME: I told you I only have less than $100

mcahil43: Ok baby

mcahil43: Can you help in sending that too till its complete?

ME: till what is complete?

mcahil43: Maybe 400

ME: How do you think I can get $400 out of $100?

mcahil43: Can i ask?
mcahil43 has closed photo sharing.

ME: Ask what?

mcahil43: Can you help me in sending the $100 first?

ME: You want me to send you my last $100 dollars?

mcahil43: Last?

ME: That is what I have less than $100 means

mcahil43: Baby

mcahil43: I believe and trust in you that you can help the kids in as much as i do

mcahil43: Think of a way ok... i promise and swear by my kids that i will give back

ME: I do not have it and using those pictures of sick babies is cruel and heartless

mcahil43: what do you mean by that?

ME: I have to go now.

mcahil43: Ok
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