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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Sun Mar 03 2013  04:43pm
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Updated on:  4/8/2014     
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
Anonymous    4/8/2014
He is on the web site Claims to be in New Holland Ohio and works in Georgia. Says he has a son. He was moving too fast proclaiming his love and devotion, so I looked up his picture and found this site. Please listen to your gut and cut him off as quickly as you can.Using a phone number with area code 323 (California) but called me from a blocked number. Uses the email address of , also uses an Yahoo address and wants to move to YIM quickly. Good luck.
Anonymous    1/12/2014
Scott Lanford is another scammer he is on facebook and many dating sites he also goes by scotty lan and many other names he will tell you what you want to hear then tell you he needs money for his son or he is sick and he is military so please be careful with him also I know he goes by other names but can not find them he is a fake he is on many dating sites and different webs that lets you chat with forgien women also I have seen it on his face book
Anonymous    1/12/2014
Loeson Richardson is a scammer and he has ask me many times for money or to buy him things he just got booted from facebook and his email is and he is in many dating web sites always looking for a woman 45-60 years old and straight please be careful with him he is a smooth talker
Anonymous    12/31/2013
He also goes by Adams McFarrin This guy is all over. Who is it really in the photo, does this poor man even know what is being done with his image
Anonymous    12/30/2013
i find out every body is a scammer a big time,no worth to spend a minute with them,shame,that is a today world!!!!!!!
Anonymous    12/30/2013
He Is still asking for money. Said he was stuck in a Turkey with a gunshot wond. Do not talk to him He said he wife died and has son he is a liar and a scammer. Watch out
Anonymous    12/29/2013
This guy is a joke. Stay away
Anonymous    12/1/2013
he is on 2 facebook pages....he ask me money ;after 1 month....i said NO..and since than i am abad woman,lol........
Anonymous    9/28/2013
he is on badoo now ..!/01253051388/ email address
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