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 Thu Jun 13 2013  12:14pm
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Updated on:  5/5/2015     
Hillarry Kelvin - kelvin osarobo
can some one tiurched by GOD help me

no one seems to help me

i need a call from a lover +447012981461

i need true love
i love you hello love i promise to pay you back the money i really need to be with you the hotel manager is on my neck, i really need to pay them off reply as soon as you get this mail i love you from hillarry and tracy
the doctors information
name....collins onyekwuluje
secret question... colour

i will be gratful my love, i will pay you.tracy is happy now, she cant wait to see you. call me as soon as you send it +2348133736829 much love from hillarry and tracy
i really want the money my love, i will pay in two weeks as said much love.
I`m especially attracted to optimistic women who are spicy, yet mellow; who are comfortable with themselves but enjoy personal growth,who can see the good in others, and see no reason to pass judgment. I can easily fall for a woman who is as comfortable, nice fun to be with. A woman who can feel as sexy in jeans and boots as they can in a cocktail dress, or evening gown. It`s not about being or looking perfect, it`s about being comfortable in your own skin and loving your unique qualities.affection and comfort with your sexuality is a must. I believe in chemistry but also know that it can be created between any two people who are willing to be authentic, real, and mutually giving.

Me...I will always be a work in progress. People say that I`m intelligent, creative, playful, and energetic. I know how to access that "child within" yet live as a mature responsible adult. I am passionate about many things, and tend to find joy where ever I live, or in what ever I`m doing. I don`t know that I`ve ever been bored. I`m fit, active, healthy, full of energy and on the go, yet I enjoy deep conversation with intelligent people.

I work on my spirituality in my own quiet way, and allow others the same. My primary love languages are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

I`m looking for an equal partner to share my life with. Someone who is secure enough to admit their faults and allow me the same. Someone who`s committed to making home a place of peace and refuge so that anyone who visits feels loved and nurtured. Family and healthy relationships with others are what life is all about to me. I`m a dreamer and love to support others` dreams. I want to know that I can share my dreams with you. Hope to find my love.....
How are you doing, i hope you are doing fine, hope your day went well? I can`t help but say that you are also beautiful, you are a pure duplicate of an angel, i am really amazed at your beauty and i also like your profile. I am Hillarry Kelvin, am 51yrs old, successful business man. a native of Italy but base in UK. i really don`t have much to say about my self except I am being asked. I really will love to hear from you. You can add me to your yahoo messenger or send me your email address if you would like us to chat my id is I remain forever Yours, Hillarry
this is my gmail account, please babe just try and help me i want to be with you, i want to live this country, and be with you.

from hillarry and tracy.
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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