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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Sat Nov 02 2013  09:31am
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The person you are communicating with using the email address may be using a different picture with you than what we have. Scammers sometimes use different pictures on each site, change pictures often or claim to have had their identity stolen. It does not matter what picture(s) this scammer uses, the person using this email address is a verified scammer.
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Updated on:  11/10/2013     
Edward Seger
Work and Education

Corrections Officer-Retired · Jul 3, 1985 to present
Parnell Facility
Resident Unit Officer · Jackson, Michigan · Jul 3, 1985 to 2007

Jackson College
Class of 1985 · Jackson, Michigan
Northwest High School
Class of 1974 · Jackson, Michigan
Jackson, Michigan
Current City
Houston, Texas
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Which money
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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